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Since its establishment, Meg-Star Group has been dedicated to supporting charity and social affairs, and encouraging employees to actively participate in and care for the community.

In 2017, the Group started Meg-Star Charity which focuses on poverty alleviation, building a harmonious global village. Through practice, we organize field trips to fund the education of children in impoverished mountainous areas, especially those who are out of school, and support for orphans. Through supporting charity tourism, we call on the whole society to pay attention to the survival and development of children in impoverished areas, promote fraternity ideas and disseminate positive energy.

Charity News

  • Helps 12 Needy Families to Change a New Home

    Meg-Star Group, Meg-Star International Charity Association and interior design master Mr. Siza Cham jointly develop the “Home +” and “Together We Built It” charity project, to help needy families in the Mainland to create better home environment.  The groundbreaking ceremony of the first home renovation was held on November 11th.

    In the year beginning, the project committee of “Home +” started research on current housing condition of needy families, and finally selected 12 families in Jianghai region to participate in the home renovation plan.  The proposal successfully gained full support from the society, volunteers and responsible businesses.  Multiple campaigns including the finance platform jointly presented by ICBC and Jianhai Charity Association have been launched to raise fund online, to purchase materials needed for home renovation.

    In order to make the project successful, Meg-Star Charity organized various visits to the needy families to more understand their true needs, and donated RMB500,000 as monetary support.  “We wish could always take a step further to help more people in the world, because together, we built it”, the Meg-Star Charity Association President said.

  • Celebrated the Mid-Autumn with the Elderly

    Meg-Star Charity volunteers collected a number of moon cake gift boxes from employees, and shared them with the elderly in a charity visit to Coloane Seac Pai Van.   Volunteers brought along their kids to celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival with these kind elderly.  Together they played games, guessed riddle, and shared the joy and laughter through songs and hand exercise.

    We hope by organizing this activity, we can bring warmth and pleasure to Macau society.  Furthermore, we can make the festival become a more meaningful and caring one.

  • Visited the Philippines to Support Local Childhood

    The Meg-Star International Charity Association continued to share hopes with the world. On July 3, 2019, volunteers completed a six-day child-caring visit in the Philippines, to help and interact with the needy and less fortunate children in Manila, Tacloban and Southern Leyte. More than 600 Filipino children and 250 families benefited from second-hand books, calculators, computers, display screens, toys and school supplies collected previously.

    On June 27, all volunteers visited a local elementary school in Manila, to distribute storybooks and schoolbags, and read the students stories. Volunteers also participated in the feeding program with children and had dinner together. On the next day, volunteers departed for Tacloban and South Leyte Island, and visited the library and amusement facilities funded by charity partners. The team set up computer rooms and installed computers donated by the Meg-Star Charity, and gave a financial management lesson to students through interesting games. Volunteers returned to Manila on June 30 to visit the children’s community in Tongdo District and the Smoky Mountain where the people in poverty live. They prepared lunch for children and distributed stationery and daily necessities to the locals.

    Beside children, the volunteers also interacted with the local homestay families, teachers and charity associations to understand the real need of local children, hoping to explore future development with them, in order to provide a more suitable environment for local children’s growth.

    The Meg-Star Group helps international children grow in different ways, striving to build a better living environment with a healthy and positive philosophy of life for the next generation.

  • The “Home + Public Welfare Project”

    Jiangmen station officially launched in April

    April 23, 2019

    The launching ceremony of the “Building a Home Together” project and the “Home + Public Welfare Plan Jiangmen Station” was held in Jianghai district. Lei Ka Seng, Chairman of the Meg-Star International Charity Association, attended the event with 120 people.

    During the on-site service by our social workers in Jianghai district in 2018, it was noticed that there were a number of distressed children, the elderly and the disabled living in the very old houses with serious construction problems.  Due to the long construction time and natural disasters, these houses have experienced wall cracks and roof seepage, which have resulted in large safety hazards and poor living environment. Therefore, since the launch of the “Home + Public Welfare Program”, we immediately receive strong support from the Jianghai district government and community, and will carry out public welfare reconstruction and transformation of the old dangerous houses of 12 difficult families in Jiangmen.

    The design team of the “Home + Public Welfare Program Jiangmen Station” is composed of designers and universities in Macau and Jiangmen. So far, the project has 6 government departments, 6 social organizations, 13 architects, 2 colleges, more than 900 enterprises and more than 900 volunteers participated in the project, and received funds from the civil organizations and the third-level charity fund of RMB 230,000.

  • Elderly Visit Campaign 2019

    The Spring Lantern Festival has been an important festival in China that every family will have reunion as a celebration in tradition.

    With the help from the (UGAMM) União Geral das Associações dos Moradores de Macau, Meg-Star Charity volunteer team visited the elderly home in Ilha Verde, to express love and festive greetings to old people who are living alone and those who cannot move conveniently.   The volunteer team also delivered the elderly some family essential living materials including non-genetically modified blended oil and selected Thai jasmine rice, hoping to prepare a happy Lantern Festival for every old man.

  • Meg-Star Group Invited Award-wining Architect to Assist Poor Families in Need to Improve Their Home Environment

    Meg-Star Group hosted the “Charity Night & Reunion Gala Dinner 2019” at the Venetian Ballroom in Macau on January 28th, thanking partners and customers for their support over the past year. The dinner catered 224 tables and invited more than 2,000 guests from all over the world to attend.

    Meg-Star Group announced that it will cooperate with the famous architect and interior design master, Mr. Siza Cham, to develop a charity project called “Home +” in the Mainland to help more people in need to have their own comfort home. The project will seek assistance from Mainland institutions to improve the home environment of families in need and to ensure a basic quality of life. Meg-Star Charity will bear the cost of the project workers and cooperate with the qualified materials suppliers to make good use of the unused old materials as building materials to achieve the best use and complement each other.

  • Charity Visit and Donation in Gansu

    Volunteers of Meg-Star Charity visited Lanzhou Gansu again in November 2018.  This visit aims to send our love and care to the poor children who studied in primary schools in rural China.   Many of those children had been suffering from the cold in Winter without enough clothes and warmth-keeping materials.

    Our volunteers brought along a piles of high-quality cotton-padded clothes and shoes from Macau, and gave them to over 160 students in Gansu.  By participating in this event, our team hopes to show concern to the young and needy in the world, and believes that the children will eventually give back to society with their best study results.

  • Meg-Star Charity Visited Elderly Families with Intellectual Disabilities

    Meg-Star International Charity Association and the Associacao de Idosos, Deficientes Intelectuais e seus Familiares sent a total of 26 volunteers to visit 10 families with elderly parents and intellectual disabilities,  in the afternoon of October 8, 2018, in order to arouse society’s understanding and attention to these families.

    The interviewed elderly parents have been spending most of their time taking care of their children with intellectual disabilities.  They were happy about the visit and thankful for the caring and helps from volunteers.  At the same time, the visit also meant a good way for volunteers to promote their physical and mental development, and improve their social skills. It allows participants to listen to the stories of the mentally retarded and elderly families, and learn to give appropriate advice and spiritual support, so that the respondents feel the warmth of society, have more confidence in society, and have more hope for the future.

  • Mid-Autumn Charity Visit

    Meg-Star Charity team visited the nursing home on September 22, to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with the elderly in advance.

    In the visit, volunteers distributed moon cakes to all the elderly and prepared games to interact with them, in order to deliver a warm and pleasant festive memory with these old friends.  Those elderly who actively participated in games received dozens of prizes.

    To relieve the elderly’s muscle stress and prevent possible strain on the body, volunteers had specially learnt a set of hand gymnastics from therapists, and taught the elderly in the visit.  All the elderly paid high attention to learning the exercise and appreciated its advantages.

    When volunteers performed some classical songs of famous singers of the 70’s, the elderly followed and sang happily along, making the whole atmosphere totally joyful and warm.

    Meg-Star Charity promised the elderly that they will visit again at the next Mid-Autumn Festival, to continually bring them warmth and happiness.

  • Visited Students and Elderly in Gansu

    In July 2018, Meg-Star Charity sent another team to Lanzhou Gansu in Mainland China, and visited two local schools and nursing center in remote area.

    During the school visits, volunteers studied with the students, and conducted various activities to help them better master the knowledge. Through discussing various emerging topics with them, volunteers helped them to learn more about the world outside, and open up their mind so that one day they can also fulfill their dreams and improve their living environment.

    The charity team also visited the local elderly who were poor and left behind in nursing center, sent them the necessary materials for living, and also made dumplings with them, so that the old people felt the warmth of the long-lost home.

  • Assisted to Build a School Building in Rural Nepal

    Following the visit to the mountainous village of Patlekhet in Nepal in 2017, the Meg-Star Charity team again returned to the village between April 22nd and 25th 2018, to unveil the new school building donated by the association, hoping to create a good learning environment for local students.

  • Meg-Star Group Charity Night

    Meg-Star Group hosted a charity night on February 5th, and had successfully rose over fifteen million Hong Kong dollars fund in the event. The Group also donated a sum of one million Hong Kong dollars to support five Macau charity associations, including Tung Sin Tong, Charity Fund From the Readers of Macao Daily News, Macao Holy House of Mercy, Macao Heritage Ambassadors Association, as well as Associação de idosos, deficientes intelectuais e seus familiars in the event.

  • Typhoon Hato Volunteer

    Typhoon Hato struck Macau in 2017, which paralyzed traffic of the whole city. Meg-Star Group took the lead in organizing volunteer teams to assist in disaster relief.

    It has been actively involved in various corporate social responsibility activities and set priority on fostering talents to actively participate in the support and care for the community.

  • Supported Education in Rural Nepal

    Meg-Star Group is conscious that its contribution today will greatly affect the neighborhood and global environment tomorrow. Therefore, the Group set up Meg-Star Charity in 2017 to promote poverty alleviation, promote fraternity ideas and disseminate positive energy to build a harmonious global village.

    Numerous meaningful community activities have been arranged to build a better Macau; charity visits have been organised to Nepal and other impoverished mountainous areas to support and nurture younger generations, and to fund children’s education, especially those who are out of school, and orphans.

    Through practice, Meg-Star aims in providing full support to children and the youth worldwide in pursuing their dreams, hoping that they will become someone’s heroes and contribute to society in the future.